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The art is based on a COVID-19 inspired poem by @theserenewriter, who wrote the poem on the day the lockdown began in Lagos.

Jabi said he would come for me
That no plague could stop him
I giggled and told him
Don’t be stupid!
Stay home for ‘us’
But secretly…
I longed for an end to this endless wait
I longed to be held
I longed to give love…
We had flirted with the idea of ‘us’ before
But always felt that we had all the time in the world
Other things were more important than love
I had to create these lovely images in my head
He had to save lives
Always a sweetie, that one
We let the promises of love
Keep us warm at night
And inspire our days
We fought down the ache constantly
And buried the emptiness with ambition
There will always be time later for ‘us’
Or so we thought…
Now we have all the time we want
But this time
To be apart…

Time without ambition
Time without time

Time with only this longing
And waiting
To finally be freed…